up to 1.5 Mb DSL Circuit $31.95 / month
  up to 3.0 Mb DSL Circuit $41.95 / month
  up to 6.0 Mb DSL Circuit $51.95 / month

This level of service is designed for the home user. It supports the connection of 1 PC/Mac to the DSL line and to the Internet. You can put on a router to split the signal between multiple computers or devices at no extra charge. SYIX.COM DSL can be run on your current phone line if your address qualifies. We serve nearly all of the larger cities in the United States and some of their surrounding areas. The basic DSL Speed is Up-to 1.5 Mb download / 384 upload.

Business Access DSL

1.5Mb 0 Static IP $36.95
1.5Mb 1 Static IP $41.95
3.0Mb 0 Static IP $46.95
3.0Mb 1 Static IP $51.95
6.0Mb 0 Static IP $61.95
6.0Mb 1 Static IP $66.95